Kwikset Smartkey Field-Tryout Set

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The Kwikset Smartkey locks can really throw off an otherwise successful entry, beware! The Kwikset Smartkey locks are not pickable in the same way as your standard pin-tumbler locks. 

Uncensored Tactical has created, from scratch, a set of 243 keys that represent 100% of all of the possible bitting arrangements, within a half-cut, of the Kwikset Smartkey bittings. (This set may not *open* every single Smartkey lock; these are to be treated like "jiggler" tools. These are mathematically sound and produced to a high quality standard but there are many reasons that a lock might fail to open with this attack, and all other non-destructive entry attack methods.)

This should not be a tool that gives you a tunnel vision approach, and it is not in any way designed to be an EDC item. But if you have this in a storage location like the trunk of a car or a gear closet at the office, if you know ahead of time that you'll be dealing with a Smartkey you can pack this bag in your loadout. And if no other bypass options are available, then this might be a very solid bet for you. 

This kit is currently sold without the field-use fanny pack pouch system while we design our updated pouch system for you; and is currently offered at a discount (normally $450).

If you have any design improvements or feedback, please email: with your comments and questions.


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