Tactical Lock Picking - Volume 2 - Field Key Generation

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Key Generation is an incredibly useful skill for practical and administrative applications, and it can play a huge role in emergency entry and in covert operations. Tactical Lock Picking - Volume 2 - Field Key Generation is a highly technical reference providing a wide array of tools and techniques for KeyGen operators, broken down into three main sections: Pulling Bitting from a Key; Pulling Bitting from a Lock; Generating Keys (multiple methods). Also included are field application considerations to help prepare operators to utilize this as a field skill set and not simply an administrative task. 

  • 8.5x11" Hardcover
  • 242 pages long
  • Thick page stock
  • Full color photos
  • In-depth tool & technique applications
  • A full chapter on gear
  • Second volume in the "Tactical Lock Picking" series.

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If you want to dive even deeper into the application of this skill set, visit UTAC.io to train with Pat in-person.