Tactical Lock Picking - Volume 1 - Foundations

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If you intend on using lock picking and other non-destructive entry methods for real life emergency entry, you should understand that there is a big difference between practicing on your couch and applying your craft in the field. Tactical Lock Picking - Volume 1 - Foundations, by Pat Watson, was designed from the ground up to help you build a foundational approach to real world non-destructive entry with a few tools and techniques listed, and more importantly, a mindset and an approach to help you make smart decisions on scene when time is a factor and when resources are limited. 

  • 8.5x11" Hardcover
  • 174 pages long
  • Thick page stock
  • Full color photos and artwork
  • Case studies from successes and failures from the field
  • A full chapter on tools and gear selection
  • This is the first volume in a multi-volume set

If you like this published work, and if you have an interest in adding key generation to your skill set, check out Tactical Lock Picking - Volume 2 - Field Key Generation.

If you want to dive even deeper into the application of this skill set, visit UTAC.io to train with Pat in-person.