#8 & #11 Double Ended Lock Pick

Made from 301 full hardened stainless steel.  

.025" Thick

4.65" Long

#08 Short Hook

#11 Snake (3/7 Rake)

Lifetime Guarantee

Made In USA

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In a Pinch

If you don't have an every day carry set, this is for you. I slid this in my wallet as soon as it arrived just 2 weeks ago and have used it twice already when I was in a pinch. I'm a carpenter, so this is't my daily job, but the versatility of this pick is great. Can't beat the price, however a little hard to handle with my big fat sausage fingers.

good tool

It is what it says it is and it does what it says it does


Great dual option pick with nice sturdy feel. I'm one very satisfied customer here. Thanks!