This is our new 7/8 Pin Convertible Tubular Pick,  changes from 7 pins to 8 pins in less than a minute.  Why carry two tools when one is all you need!

Comes packaged with:

2 - extra drive pins

2- O-rings

4 - replacement picking needles 

1 - Allen wrench

1 – drive pin remover

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7-8pin Convertible Tubular Lock Pick

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works great

arrived in a few days. had two toolboxes that a friend lost his keys for, this tool opened them up just fine. i had never used one of these before so it took couple tries to get da tension right but no problems at all. i went with this because i may never need an 8 pin so didnt want an extra tool but still wanted da option. da main reason i went with this though was extra bits incase/ when things ware out. well worth da money.