12 Piece Lock Pick Set (PRH)

This 12 piece Ripple lock pick set includes 8 different profile entry tools and 4 tension wrenches.

Made from tempered stainless steel and packaged in a custom case.

  • #03 Large Diamond 
  • #05 Single Ball 
  • #06 Double Ball 
  • #07 Broken Key Extractor 
  • #08 Short Hook (flat top) 
  • #10 Long Hook (flat top) 
  • #11 Snake (3/7 rake) 
  • #14 Ramped 
  • #01 Double Ended Short Tension Tool
  • #02 Single End Short Tension Tool
  • #03 Twist Flex Tension Tool
  • #04 Long Double Ended Tension Tool

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Made in USA

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Quality product

I am new to Lockpicking and bought these to test the waters. I have used them everyday for about a week. I have probably been rougher on them than I should have, and had to use a couple of them to pry (not pull) a key out of a door. From what I have seen, they are made of high quality steel that has yet to deform, even when improperly used. The corrugated handles are very comfortable to work with.