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Laminated Ripple Core Handles have a straight core, there is no handle on the market that comes close to the feel and control that this handle provides.  Made from tempered Stainless Steel and come in 25 profiles.

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Can't go wrong

Some of my favorite picks. Comfortable and quality. Nothing bad to say.

Best all around everyday Pick for My Dollars

You can see me using these now on my YT channel more than my old favorite. I still love the (short hook). They're Lighter and the handle is wider than Southord, the shank is thinner and allows for a great in between size of .019 and is quite strong. They come with little too no sharp edges but still could take a little polishing off. I'm very happy with these picks for the metal, quality, finish and Price . The comfort in my hand is amazing too, plus add the fact they're lighter and thinner the feedback is amazing.

new favorite pick

First time owning any tools from southern specialties,Quality supersedes price by far. Handle has a good weight and feel. I will definantly be ordering more.

Great Customer Service!!!! NICE PICKS TOO!!

So I ordered a few euro picks with the Ripple core handles (which I like very much btw) and I was wrong shipped a w rake instead of the offset diamond and my fulcrum pick was a laminated Ripple handle so I sent an email and within 24 hours I heard back from Michelle and explained my problem sent them 2 quick pictures to show my issue and here it is 3 days later and I have my replacement picks in hand. The picks are of nice quality for 4.25 each I can't complain at all and the company a tally wants to take care of their customers which is a relieving thing today. I couldn't be happier with the way everything worked out. Thanx everyone and to Michelle especially!!

Well made tool.

Nothing fancy but the ripple handle has a nice feel to it without being bulky.