#16 Tension Tool

Made from 301 full hardened stainless steel.  This tension tool has a .13" Leg and a .08" Leg.  

.035" Thick

3" Long

Lifetime Guarantee

Made In USA

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it works

It is what it is. It works!

strong enough

This tool balances narrow with strength. I'm not worried about it bending or breaking at all which is a relief

great tension wrench....

I purchased this tension wrench for my main lockpicking kit.i like it so well ill be ordering one soon to carry with my folding pick set that i carry every day....great service too...

very good tensioner

Sometimes you need a unique angle on a keyway or a wider or narrower tensioner to fit properly. This is a good extra tool for your kit.

spare wrench

Great for replacement if you lose the original one from a set or if you get an incomplete set.