Concealable Pick Set

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 Concealable Lock Pick Set

Our concealable lock pick kit contains 5 picks, 1 broken key extractor and 1 tension tool.  These stainless steel entry tools are packaged in a soft vinyl holder that easily fits into a wallet.  This EDC set has quickly become a key component in SERE E&E kits.

  • #02 Small Diamond
  • #05 Single Ball
  • #07 Broken Key Extractor
  • #08 Short Hook (flat top)
  • #11 Snake (3/7 rake)

Made in USA


If for any reason this product fails return item for a free repair or replacement.



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  • 4
    Awesome little Picks

    Posted by Jose from CT on 2nd Jun 2015

    These are Great small enough to conceal. and they are very functional picks.

  • 4
    good small size pick set

    Posted by Unknown on 14th May 2015

    This is a great set if you're looking for a small pick set. It does has limitations because of its size but it has been able to do 95% of what I have tried it on and yet it is concealable enough to be practical to carry around. In my opinion it's a great purchase and the price point is fantastic.

  • 5
    My First Set

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Mar 2015

    As a first time lock picker, I found this set incredibly easy to use! After some fiddling around, I managed to get my first Masterlock Padlock open and can crack it in under 2 seconds with this set. Fits securely in my wallet and is conveniently small at under 2 in. long. Will return to this site for any future lock-picking needs!

  • 5
    Great value in a small package

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2014

    This thing seems to do everything my larger kit does, but it's the size of a pack of gum. Awesome! Especially for $12 :D

  • 5
    Takes some practice, but very convenient.

    Posted by Michael Dougherty on 29th Apr 2014

    I keep this set in my wallet for emergencies. If you plan to use this as am emergency set, I strongly recommend you practice with it. Because of the short handles/fact that they are all attached, the feel is a little different than normal picks. My times picking increase a little bit when I am using this vs a traditional set. Well worth the price tag, I got them to replace the broken key extractor with a hybrid offset, and absolutely love this little set.

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    Seems to work well

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Feb 2014

    Let me first say this is my first lock picking set. After getting this set i proceeded to pick every lock in my office and then at home. i could see how the other ones could work better but for a set i leave in my car i think it's perfect. They are a lot smaller than i thought but, like i said it's my first set.

  • 5
    Great starter kit

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2014

    Works great

  • 5
    I bought 5 so far

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Oct 2013

    these things are awesome! super small, all you have to do is come up with some way to conceal them with a handle. I came up with an awesome way to conceal it and have a handle. use your imagination and you can come up with something handy.

    btw you can order then custom swapping different ones out for other more useful picks to your liking.

  • 5
    Just what the doctor ordered.

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Apr 2013

    Love the small compact size of this set fits right into my wallet without much of any bulk. About as thick as 2 nickels if not less. Great picks great price!