About Us

Since 1976, our parent company - R.C.S. Tool & Machine, has been producing quality tools and dies for clients all over the world.  We produced tooling for the manufacture of baking pans for the government of Hungary. Along with tooling to manufacture aluminum doors, windows and many other products for places like Madagascar, Brazil, Saint Lucia, and Jamaica to name a few. But all along the way we were busy developing a product line of our own "Lockpick Tools". Some of the first tools developed in 1979 were the Slim Jim and a complete set of lock picks, as well as, a complete package of automotive wire tools.


In 1985, we started to manufacture our tools from tempered Stainless Steel instead of the conventional Blue Temper Carbon Steel. The market was a small niche market, so in 1998 we decided to expand our market with dedicated energy and resources toward the development of new products rather than building tools and dies for outside sourcing.