Delta Advanced Handcuff Key

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Delta Advanced Handcuff Key (AHK3)

Developed to work on all standard handcuffs and those with additional security features.

It's small and lightweight design is easy to conceal.

The Delta Handcuff Key features a full slit allowing it to bypass the security plate on ASP Model 100 handcuffs, the Delta Handcuff keys also works with Russian BRS, German Clejuso, Korean Yuil and other handcuffs that share a similar keyways.

Coated Stainless Steel

1 gram


To Attach Zip Tie:

Step 1 – Tighten zip tie around top of Delta Key

Step 2 – Push zip tie tail through top of Delta key, creating loop

Step 3 – Tuck tail of zip tie back through end of Delta Key, secures key in place