Concealable Lock Pick Set

 Our concealable lock pick kit contains 5 picks, 1 broken key extractor and 1 tension tool.  These stainless steel entry tools are packaged in a soft vinyl holder that easily fit into a wallet.  This EDC set has quickly become a key component in SERE E&E kits.

  • #02 Small Diamond
  • #05 Single Ball
  • #07 Broken Key Extractor
  • #08 Short Hook (flat top)
  • #11 Snake (3/7 rake)

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Made in USA


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exactly as advertised, very strong for how thin they are. This is my second set in several years

Nice compact set

These were surprisingly sturdy for their size and decently finished. Nice pocket set.

great for a survivalist

This is a great tool for the survivalist looking for a little extra for his Bug out bag.

Perfect Size

It fits perfectly inside of my wallet, the only problem I have is that the tension tool is too big to use for most of the locks I have. Easily remedied by making a smaller one myself.

james bondy gadget

really cool item. love how small and easily carried it is. good quality. looking for a way to carry it on my keyring.


The KGB concealable pick set is usable and it's customizable. You get the picks you want. Six in each set along with one tension wrench.

Love the size

This is an awesome pick set. Very, very concealable, with a great variety of picks. A good buy!

Good for the wasteland;

Sturdy casted steel. These things have me breaking into ammo boxes, locked medicine cabinets, and chained doorways keeping me locked out from that sweet sweet power core to fuel my power armor. These lock picks are way better than a Bobby pin anyday.